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What Dermal Fillers are and why I use them

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular injectable treatments worldwide, and something I use every day in my clinic. Essentially, these are stabilised hyaluronic acid-based gels, which work as Polyfilla for the skin if you like. They boost the skin’s own collagen and hyaluronic acid stock, which is a big positive, as they stimulate the skin’s natural re-generation. That process of regeneration is needed at all ages as ageing is a slowing up of cell renewal.

Take yourself back to around the age of 30 (in my case) when your plump cheeks begin to hollow and you congratulate yourself on at last developing ‘cheek bones’! Then further hollowing occurs around the eye area, the malar fat pad at the inner cheek, and the nose to mouth groove. You realise you’ve begun ageing and perhaps you don’t like it as much anymore. That’s where dermal fillers are so suitable to plump up hollows, lines and density which has gone a step too far.

There is no age for the greatest concerns but times in life when gear changes in the ageing process happen.

In particular these are:

  • For men and women when experiencing a slow drop in body weight – the face always takes a pounding.
  • For women following pregnancy and childbirth – that beautiful experience however delightful, plays havoc with ageing and it brings it on!
  • For men and women sleepless nights have a similar negative impact and another gear changes to the ageing process.
  • Excessive aerobic exercise such as running pounds the face as well as the body. Better to row, swim or cycle for the same wellbeing effect.
  • Loss due to a breakup of relationships including bereavement.
  • Advancing years will of course age your face (as well as the body).

What can be done?

  • Do exercise to oxygenate the skin; to get Adenosine triphosphate (the wellbeing chemical which is the feel-good factor from exercise). Be mindful not to over pound the face by the action of running more than x3 per week. Try to substitute some runs for more strength and stamina-based workouts.
  • Do hydrate. Get water into you during the day however you like it and remember caffeine is good for skin but perhaps drink a glass of water too.

Dermal fillers are brilliant as part of all anti-ageing facial arsenal.

I use Revanesse, Teosyal, Juvéderm, Maili and Profhilo among other hyaluronic acid-based gels that have a proven track record of durability, safety and comfort. The key to them, for me, is in judicious placement in the face a couple of times a year or when it suits your needs.

They have recently received a bad press due to celebrities saying they’ve had theirs dissolved. In response I would emphasise there is a huge difference in having a couple of syringes of filler carefully applied, than over doing them and distorting a face in so doing.

Dermal fillers can be used on pretty much the whole face. The most common areas I use them on are the lower face, the mid face, the temples, tear troughs (under your eyes), the nose and the lips. Certain types of skin boosting hyaluronic acids can also be used to rejuvenate hands.

I have treated men and women facing serious illness, because they’ve not wanted their loved ones see them looking so ill. It has boosted their self-esteem massively.

Please don’t be put off dermal fillers – they are like a lifeline for well-being and personal confidence.

Good products which have been around for over 20 years and get better and better with advances in medical science.

The best way to learn about your eligibility for filler is to book a consultation with me at one of my clinics. It’s a private, discreet, no-sell appointment, where we can assess your face together and address your concerns. I look forward to meeting you.

Rosie Cooper

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